03 October 2009

2nd place in Bitfilm!

The results are officially in and Shelf Life took 2nd place in the Bitfilm Festival!

We would like to thank everybody who supported us and gave us this 2nd place win! We truly appreciate the time you devoted to helping us get the votes!

The 1st place win went to a World of Warcraft film called The Orchard by Dan Ross and 3rd place went to a Second Life machinima called Scripted by Krrish Spyker.

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to all the films that were in the voting process for creating such great films for the festival!

If you feel like watching the winners and discussing the results that is great!

We will probably post our thoughts on the Bitfilm Festival in general in another post but for now we just want to say thanks again for all the support and thanks to Bitfilm for offering such a big event for machinima to be seen and honored!


  1. Thanks! :) It was a nice surprise, we didn't realize there was more than a first place prize category.

  2. I would have placed SL as the first place winner, but there's no accounting for taste. Congratulations, the attention is very well deserved.

  3. Thanks Phil and Ricky! We don't really like the online popular vote format but we do appreciate the support we received and it was amazing to be lined up with such great films.

  4. I have to say amazing work on Shelf Life. I was even surprised myself that you didn't take first. You had an awesome story with flawless editing. You've definitely got talent. I'll be bookmarking your blog and I can't wait to see your future work.

  5. Hey thanks Dan. You had a great film and your fans rewarded you for it so congratulations! The Orchard also won a previous contest right?

    We are very new but excited about being involved in the machinima community and really look forward to taking part in future events with you and all the other talented film makers we are getting to know.

    This was our first festival entry and it is interesting that all the different styles are lumped together. It is hard to truly compare when different engines have such drastically different features, graphics and accessibility.
    But then again it would probably be unrealistic to think you could get enough quality entries from all the different game engines to separate them so I don't know.

    It would be nice if there were more specific rewards for different aspects like cinematography, music, script, editing etc. But I am not complaining, hehe, I am happy there are any machinima awards available at all!

    But this is just dreaming. :)

    It will be fun to enter other festivals with different formats and see how those play out.

    Hey Dan, do you have a site or blog? I think I did a quick search and came up empty and you don't have a link here.

  6. Yea, I originally made the movie for a Halloween themed contest that was specific to World of Warcraft, which I was lucky enough to get first for as well.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a site or blog (I've been meaning to get around to making one), but my msn is dan.ross.4@hotmail.com so you're always free to contact me through that.

    The popular vote on some of these festivals is kinda lame, but just keep sending your work out there. It will get noticed, and you will definitely get the fans and acknowledgment you deserve. You've got far more potential than myself, haha.

  7. Congrats Guys - I look forward to what's next!