29 October 2009

3D World #122 - No machinima

Issue #122 finally arrived of 3D World magazine here in San Francisco.

This issue contains a disc that along with the standard 3D World disc contents has films from the 2009 Bitfilm Festival.

We were excited to get this issue since we were a part of Bitfilm 2009 and because of this little bit found on the Bitfilm official site:
"All selected films will be published on a free DVD on the cover of 3D World Magazine in September 2009. Each selected filmmaker will receive a free copy."

:) Fun! Machinima on a disc with 3D World magazine! But wait, no machinima on the disc. :(

The only categories are 3D Space, FX Mix and Politicool.

Oh well, I guess it was a bit much to ask for machinima to be advertised like this in a major magazine. And I don't think Bitfilm was being misleading or anything. I guess it just turns out that machinima did not make the cut yet for this level of distribution.

Still a cool disc and it is cool that we were all part of such a big festival! But in all honesty I only got it to see if the accepted or winning machinima films made the disc. ;p


  1. I'm betting they weren't excluded for reasons of quality, but of legality. Game companies have been known to freak out a bit when we try to cross the border into the world of physical media.

  2. Yep - Phil's right - it's the glass ceiling of machinima.

  3. Yeah, too bad. Maybe someday it will break through. :/

  4. Sorry to hear this, I wish Bitfilm would be more upfront about their reasons for doing things-Kate

  5. I'm quite sure it was only because of the legal issues. Bifilm needs picture and music rights cleared by the author to take part in the festival and the especially for the DVD.
    They were quite open for the festival submission, but for the DVD they had to be strict. Removing a video from festival or on YT when there is a complain is easy and painless. But with 'hardware' like DVD things easily can get difficult and expensive.
    I hope that glass ceiling will vanish some day and we can get Machinima to more audiences.