16 October 2009

Cinemanila Festival Voting!

Hey everybody!

It looks the the Cinemanila Film Festival voting has started!
Shelf Life at Cinemanila

Shelf Life is in the running and even though we were happy to get second place at Bitfilm this is our chance to try again to take the first place prize!

Unfortunately this festival also starts off with online voting. We think there are a couple stages of the voting process and hopefully the last stage is decided by a panel but we need to read into that more.

But in order for us to make it to the last voting stage we need your support again! If you think Shelf Life deserved a first place in Bitfilm here is your chance to try again.

...and about online voting

Of course like always there are many other quality entries and you should vote for the one you think is the best and not just the one to support a friend or whatever. The only way to keep an online voting system at all acceptable is to ask everybody to truly watch and vote for the one that they really think is the best machinima, even if that means not voting for a friend. I know, so scandalous, but it is the only way to make it count.

Really, even if you know us or are friends with us, we only want you to vote for us if you think ours is the best. Winning because we have the most friends is not that exciting, however winning because we feel the community really believed in our work and thought we achieved something special is amazingly exciting!

So get out there and vote! It takes a second of your time and effort to register and it also supports machinima in general. When machinima festivals are successful it brings more attention and other festivals will follow. Also this is the the first time Cinemanila has offered the machinima segment so let's make sure it is a huge success for them!

OK, go go go! Shelf Life at Cinemanila

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