23 September 2010

Shelf Life chapter two

Well we have decided we just cannot find enough time to do everything we need done to create chapter two in a reasonable time frame (yeah, that ship sailed many months ago) so this is the official call for volunteers that have interests in contributing content to Shelf Life chapter two.

We will be accepting high quality work in the following areas:
- Skinning
- Faceposing
- Animating
- Mapping
- Modeling
- Translation
- Captioning for translation

This list may grow or change but we think these are the general areas we will accept work in. If you enjoyed Shelf Life chapter one and think it would be fun to help out with chapter two please let us know.

Please note that this will in no way be a free-for-all content contribution fest. We will still be maintaining very strict control over what the content is specifically and the quality and fine details of everything sent to us. It is quite possible that you may work on something and send it to us and we end up not using it for one reason or another so if that would offend you than this may not be worth your time.

We can (and will if we have to) do every single bit of work necessary to complete chapter two. The only reason we are opening this up is to hopefully speed up the release of chapter two and because we think it would be cool to have content created by the community that supported us all this time and patiently (or not so patiently) stuck around waiting to see what happens.

We will update this post with more details later but this is just an initial announcement. We will do our best to organize this and make our needs clear so if you do decide you would like to help we can do our best to not have your work go unused.

Once we see what interest there is we will take it from there. Please remember this is strictly volunteer work. We would love to officially employ and pay team members but that is not possible at this time.

Thanks everybody and take care!

We also dusted off the old forum and you can find this posted there as well:

Pixel Eyes Productions