27 August 2009

DragonCon, Bitfilm, YouTube and Interview!

It has been just a month and a half since Shelf Life chapter one went live on our YouTube channel and the response has been amazing!

It went live on July 6, 2009 and now our YouTube channel has over 2,200 subscribers, over 11,000 channel views and Shelf Life has over 30,000 video views and overall our videos have over 88,000 views.

Relatively small numbers in the bloated world of superstar million-hits-per-day channels that exist out there but we have only been around for a hand full of weeks!

Plus, we are talking about machinima here. As awesome as it is the word still leaves a blank expression on most faces.

In addition to our channel interest Shelf Life has been accepted into the Bitfilm Film Festival and it will be screening at the massive geek extravaganza DragonCon!

DragonCon starts next week and Shelf Life will be showing on Friday the 4th at the Augusta Room in the Sheraton hotel at 7:00 pm. So if you are going to DragonCon please add that to your list of to-dos!

The Bitfilm contest is currently in the voting process so please go to the machinima section and vote for Shelf Life! :)

We also did an interview about Shelf Life and machinima in general that was really fun and interesting. The interview is not available yet and we feel we need to keep the source secret for now in case it does not air or the source has plans for the release that we do not want to spoil. But either way it was a fun afternoon talking about it.

Overall we have had an amazing run since Shelf Life went live and it has been a lot fun! We would really like to thank everybody who showed us their support!

Please stay in touch!

- James