26 February 2009

Garry's Mod A Brief History In Geek

After playing through Half Life 2 and loving every minute it seemed as if the glory was over. Sure you can play through it again and it is almost just as fun as the first time but everything looses something after a while unless you do something to spice it up.

Then we started playing around with some mod that some guy apparently named "Garry" created...
Download...load game...funny picture...join server...now what?

Oh, spawn whatever you want, really anything and just, like throw it around or something.

Funny, for about 1 hour. What's the point of this mod? Your bored and think about going to a TF2 or DoD server or something.

You reach for the quit button...but then...what the hell is that kid doing over there? Woah, she built a car out of random parts from scratch. Not bad, you bet you can do better.

Four hours later you have a working car, a little fort to park your car in and a jump that launches you into a wall of gas barrels. That was kinda fun...now what?
For many the next step was creating more and more advanced creations from massive working robot towers to very complicated Rube Goldberg machines. For others it was to take the flexibility Garry's Mod gave them to control game elements and apply it to creating machinima.

The machinima aspect is what inspired us the most. Given the ample time and dedication it takes to learn the many aspects of customizing and controlling all the elements available to you it is possible to create full cinematic glory from the comfort of your messy desk.

Thank you Garry for that crazy Mod of yours.

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