10 March 2012

Reallusion at the GDC

We had the chance to meet and hang out with the Reallusion team at the GDC this year and it was a lot of fun!

At the Reallusion station we got to play with motion capture using Kinect. It was very impressive how easy it was to use and of course fun to see yourself acting on screen as an iClone character. This could save a ton of time getting initial animations in place. We will definitely be using this in the near future.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with and talking to everybody from Reallusion. A cool company making excellent products with a team that is friendly and inspired. It's the perfect package.

Plus the cool new versions and plugins coming out for different products are very exciting and will open up the creative potential immensely. Reallusion knows how to have fun at a professional level and we plan to go along for the ride.

Thanks again John, Charles and Chris for the extended chat and physics demo over dinner!


  1. Hi guys! How are you? What's up with machinima Shelf-LIFE? I'm watching the news, waiting for the announcement ... Hurry up please, I do not want to wait for the "second" EP3)) Put at least the latest news.