24 September 2009

Shelf Life Chapter Two

Since the release of chapter one we have been very busy and have not had the time required to really jump into chapter two. We think are starting to turn the corner though and are going to be able to ramp up our production time.

Just yesterday we had a brainstorming session that went really well and we are excited to get some of the new ideas into production.

We spent a lot of time promoting chapter one and entering it into festivals. The Bitfilm Festival voting period has just concluded and we are waiting for the results of that to come in. Good luck to all the films running!

Next up for festivals is the Cinemanila Festival in the Philippines http://www.cinemanila.org.ph/ and of course Machinima Expo http://machiniplex.net/expo/

We have really enjoyed getting involved in the machinima community and would again like to thank everybody for their support and feedback.

Hope to start seeing you all again soon on Steam! Keep gaming and keep watching machinima!

- James Spencer


  1. Glad to hear it, James. Good luck in the voting for Bitfilm and other fests. I have a feeling your work (and those of your collaborators) will do well. Good luck!


  2. Thanks Ricky!

    I actually just realized I had comment moderation on and missed several comments until now.

    See you around soon I hope, or at least some digital version of you. ;)

    - James

  3. Hey, Great work James! hope you do well in the votes!

    Keep up the good work!